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Duplication & Permission Services at The Bancroft Library

A guide to the duplication and permission services available at The Bancroft Library, including information on how to request these services and a list of frequently asked questions.

Duplication & Permission Services

Fillmore Street Gate, San Francisco Day, Nov. 2, 1915. Edward A. Rogers Panama Pacific International Exposition photograph collection, BANC PIC 2015.013:01134P—NNEG, The Bancroft Library, U.C. Berkeley.

The Bancroft Library supports research, teaching, scholarship, and creative endeavors involving the use of materials from our collections. We provide a variety of services, including digital duplication of works in our collection and publishing licenses in order to meet the needs of our researchers.

This guide provides information regarding two distinct services: permissions (a license to publish or use our content) and duplication (obtaining a copy of the content, itself).

For permissions, this guide covers:

For duplication, this guide covers:

Please thoroughly read through this guide before asking staff for additional guidance.

Contact Us

Any questions related to copyright and licensing should be directed to Scholarly Communication and Information Policy staff at, and any questions related to duplication services should be directed to Lorna Kirwan at