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Justice and Equity in Transportation and Urbanism

Justice and equity manifests in many different ways in transportation and urbanism. This guide presents a number of resources to help you engage with the work necessary to make these systems just.

Brianna Noble riding her horse Dapper Dan at a Black Lives Matter protest in Oakland, CA.

Transportation and urbanism affects every facet of our society, and so it's critical to examine how these systems interact with justice and equity. On getting started it's important to understand the differences in framing justice, equity, and equality. 

Justice is the equal access to wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society.

Equity is about fairness in process and ensuring people and communities have the resources to survive and succeed.

Equality is the equal access to opportunities and services for all peoples.

Many of the resources in this guide come from the Transportation, Race and Equity:  A Syllabi Resource List for Faculty reading list compiled by Jennifer Dill, Jesus Baras, and Kendra K. Levine (that's me).