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History of Science, Technology, & Medicine


Sample Collections in the Bancroft Library

Robert Heizer Papers

Heizer directed important field work in the Sacramento Valley of California, near Lovelock, Nevada, and the Mayan sites of La Venta, Tabasco, Mexico and Abaj Takalik, Guatemala. He published more than 500 books and articles concerning archaeology and anthropology. 

BANC MSS 78/17 c


A.L. Kroeber Papers

A.L. Kroeber conducted field work with several Klamath River groups, including the Karok, Wiyot, and Yurok Indians; the Yokuts Indians of Central California; with Ishi, the last  member of the Yahi band of the Sacramento Valley; the Mohave Indians of the Colorado River region; and the Zuni Indians of New Mexico, among many other groups. He also carried out archaeological field work in Mexico and Peru. His papers include correspondence, publications and speeches, field notes and files on Indian land claims, his professional activities and personal matters.



Georgia Lee Papers

Georgia Lee has done major archeological research in Hawaii and on Easter Island. She has also studied rock art sites in California, including Lava beds National Monument and Chumash Indian sites in the Santa Barbara region. Her papers include project reports, publications, field notes, maps, drawings, and correspondence. There are also photographs and photographic slides.

BANC MSS 2000/33


Robert Harry Lowie Papers

Robert H. Lowie was a noted anthropologist, professor of anthropology, and specialist on the Crow Indians. His papers include correspondence and materials relating to his career as professor of anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley; field notes of his work on Indians and Indian linguistics, particularly the Crow Indians, as well as of Chipewyan, Hidatsa, Hopi, Kiowa, and Washo Indians; lecture notes; diaries; manuscripts of his writings; and subject files.