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History of Science, Technology, & Medicine

History of Mathematics

Sample Collections in the Bancroft Library

Ruggero Giuseppe Boscovich Papers

Ruggero Giuseppe Boscovich was an Italian mathematician and natural philosopher. Consists of correspondence and scientific papers relating to astronomy, mathematics, mechanics, philosophy, theology, hydrography, and optics. Also included are biographical materials, notes on the work of other scientists, and diary fragments.

BANC MSS 72/238 z


Vaughan F. R. Jones Papers

Materials related to the professional career of Vaughan F.R. Jones, 1990 Field Medal winner and Professor of Mathematics at University of California Berkeley. The collection includes correspondence, biographical material, notes, course materials, work by others and materials related to his career at the University of Auckland.

BANC MSS 2001/81


Pierre Simon Laplace Papers

French astronomer and mathematician, Pierre Simon Laplace (1749-1827), was also a prominent public figure and served as Minister of Interior under Napoleon. Contains scientific papers; correspondence; political papers; and personal papers including the correspondence of Madame Laplace and the papers of his son, Charles-Émile Laplace, and his father, Pierre de Laplace of Beaumont-en-Auge.

BANC MSS 89/120 z


Jerzy Neyman Papers

Collection contains materials related to Neyman's professional career as a mathematician and statistician. Includes correspondence, writings, conference and grant materials, financial records, reports, and materials related to his professional activities and his work at UC Berkeley.

BANC MSS 84/30 c


Stephen Smale Papers

Stephen Smale worked for over thirty years in the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley. Smale was awarded the Fields Medal in 1966 and the Wolf Prize in mathematics in 2007. Includes materials relating to Smale's career in mathematics as well as to his involvement in the antiwar and free speech movements. Among those materials documenting Smale's academic career are correspondence, reprints and notes, lecture and seminar notes and materials, and clippings.

BANC MSS 99/373 c