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Duplication & Permission Services at The Bancroft Library

A guide to the duplication and permission services available at The Bancroft Library, including information on how to request these services and a list of frequently asked questions.

What Makes These Collections Easy to Use?

The Library is home to many works within collections which you can use without requesting any permission or additional license. This can be for one of two reasons:

  • The work is in the Public Domain: it is not protected by copyright, so therefore no license needed; or
  • The work is already covered by a Creative Commons License: a license has already been applied, and you just have to comply with those terms. 

We have compiled a list of collections that house works which are either in the Public Domain or covered by a Creative Commons License. Please use the in-line links provided to access these lists. To see the rights status and usage terms of any collections not on these lists, you will need to consult our catalog records or finding aids. The rights status and usage terms for individual works that have already been digitized can be found on Calisphere and our Digital Collections site. If you have any questions about rights status for a particular collection or work, please send an email to

Public Domain Collections

The collections listed below are in the public domain—that is, they were never or are no longer protected by copyright. Under our policy, we do not require anyone to get our, or anyone else's, permission to use works that are in the public domain. 

There are many collections and individual works within our collections that have not been added to this list.  Please see the resources on the Copyright, Fair Use, and Your Project tab for more information about how to make your own public domain determination.

Creative Commons Licensed Collections

1. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 (CC BY) License

For any collection with a CC-BY 4.0 license, you do not need to ask the Library or anyone else for permission to make any use of the work. This license is designed for maximum dissemination and use of the works it covers. You can review the terms of the license here. No additional permission or license from the UC Regents or anyone else is needed to use these works, even if you are using the work for commercial purposes. You do not need to pay any fees, and no paperwork is necessary.

Although you do not need further permission to use materials with a CC-BY license, you do still need to attribute the creator and/or copyright holder in your use or citation of the work. You can find the specific required attribution line of each collection in the list below.