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Using Aeon to Request Special Collections Materials: Home

This guide provides an introduction to Aeon, the special collections registration and requesting tool.

What is Aeon?

Aeon is software specifically designed to provide access to special collections in libraries and archives. The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley implemented Aeon on January 19, 2017.

All Bancroft researchers must now use a free Aeon account to:

Aeon also offers additional features for researchers, including the ability to:

  • View research history
  • Add personal tags to requests for specific projects
  • Pay for duplication or permissions orders online
  • Export citations to use with services like Zotero, EndNote, or Mendeley 

All registration and requests must be submitted online using Aeon. We no longer accept paper call slips or paper order forms.

Get Started Using Aeon

Anyone can create a free Aeon account to conduct research at The Bancroft Library.

For more information about creating an account, see the How to Register page in this guide.

Please visit to get started!

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