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Cal-in-Sac Projects Resources: Crime, Prison, Policing

Population, incaraceration rates, demographics

CA Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

CA Criminal Justice Statistics Center (CJSC) - Attorney General's Office

California Sentencing Institute
Interactive map displays population-adjusted rates of adult and juvenile arrests and incarcerations. State and county incarceration rate, population reports. The county pages also contain the poverty rate of adults in each county - can be utilized as an indicator of crime and arrest policies.

Prison Policy Initiative: California Profile
Includes state incarceration rates by race and ethnicity and more. State-level data only.

An open data project of the CA department of Justice. Provides a number of datasets on crime in CA, including Arrest Data 1980-2015. Menus at the top of the page allow access to other data, map tools, and other aggregated tables and statistics.

COVID-19 in U.S. Prisons
The Marshall Project. State-level data only.

An easy-to-use mapping program that includes over 15,000 US demographic and socioeconomic data indicators from the neighborhood census block to national levels. Data may be downloaded to csv.


National Conference of State Legislatures

Studies that measure the *causal effects* of interventions/policies on arrests, use of force, and/or race/gender bias