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Fact check: Correcting the record about the UC Berkeley Library’s long-term space plan

Cal-in-Sac Projects Resources: Books and Dissertations

This guide provides students in the Cal-in-Sac program with research resources to prepare them for their fellowships.

Find books


UC Library Search (UC Berkeley and all UC campuses)
UC Library Search is the catalog for all ten UC campus libraries, including UC Berkeley, NRLF and SRLF. Log in to UC Library Search to see your library account, make requests, renew books, or initiate an interlibrary loan. 

WorldCat (libraries worldwide)
Worldcat is a library catalog for materials owned by libraries worldwide. UC Berkeley faculty, staff, and students may request materials not owned by UC Berkeley.

UC Library Search Tips

UC Library Search search box containing "global warming"Use quotation marks to search for a phrase. 


Search for "transgender AND athlete"Use AND to search for items with all search words in any order.


UC Library Search search box containing "Irish OR Celtic"Use OR to search for items with at least one search word. 


UC Library Search search box containing "wom?n"Use a question mark to search for variations of a single character.

(ex: search for "woman", "women", and "womyn".)

UC Library Search search box containing "cultur*"Use a wildcard/asterisk to search for variations of multiple characters.

(ex: search for "culture", "cultural", "culturally", etc.)

UC Library Search search box containing "voodoo NOT economics"Use NOT to exclude words or phrases. (ex: search for voodoo but NOT voodoo economics.)