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Cal-in-Sac Projects Resources: Voting & Elections

Voting & Elections


A proposition is any ballot measure to be voted on by the people. It can be an initiative or a referendum. An initiative is a new law or constitutional amendment voted on by the people. In California, initiatives can be proposed by the Legislature or by the people through the direct initiative process. Under the direct initiative process, a petition with the required number of signatures automatically qualifies for the ballot. 

Since 2000, the IGS Library has published ballot measure guides including endorsements from newspapers and other organizations. 

The library also maintains an extensive collection of print clippings and election ephemera, dating back several decades. Contact the library for more information. The ephemera collection is partially digitized, and available in UC Berkeley's Digital Collections.

Campaign Finance

These financial reporting tools from the Secretary of State's office provide details on campaign finance activity. 

  • PowerSearch: Quick access to summary information at the contributor, candidate, ballot measure and campaign committee levels, with options to sort and download data. Includes only electronically reported, state-level, campaign contribution and independent expenditure data.
  • Cal-Access: Provides financial information supplied by state candidates, donors, lobbyists, and others. Historical data on propositions back to 1999. 

Political Reform Division: Administers California's Political Reform Act of 1974 which requires the disclosure of financial activities related to political campaigns and lobbying. Produces reports that analyze the role of money in state political campaigns. 

Historic Election and Voting Statistics

  • Report of Registration: Statistics on how many people registered to vote before an election. Older versions can be found in Doe Reference at JK8791.A3.
  • Statewide Election Results: Statewide election results from 1990 to 2020. Older editions at Doe Reference, call no. JK8793. 
  • Voter Information Guide: The guides include the official text, analysis, and impartial analysis of potential costs, online dating back to March 1996 primary. UC Hastings has PDF versions from 1911 to present. 
  • California Elections Data Archive: Single repository of local election data, including candidate and ballot measure results for county, city, community college, and school district elections throughout the state.