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UC Berkeley’s library buildings are open. Here’s what you need to know.

Economics: News

Newspapers and Current Events in Economics

Access World News. News from U.S. and international sources offers regional coverage for California newspapers.

Business Source Complete. Business magazines and news from sources like the WSJ and Investors Business Daily.

The Conference Board. News and research on economic and public policy current events, including webcasts, podcasts,and miniseries in the media room. Some content requires a member subscription.

The Economist. General interest news source about current trends in business, politics and economics worldwide. 

Economist Historical Archive. Issues of the Economist from 1843, recent years not included. Users can build content sets from Gale primary source collections (Digital Scholar Lab) for visualization and text data mining. Login with your account

Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Country Profiles and Reports. Reports on macroeconomic, financial, and political conditions in over 200 countries.

Factiva. General and business news from local, national and international newspapers, magazines, trade publications, and wires. Includes The Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, and Dow Jones.

Financial Times.  From 1998 to present. For historical see the Financial Times Historical Archive which has the complete run of the daily Financial Times from 1888 to recent years.

IGM Forum. Features weekly polls of a panel of economists including faculty from UC Berkeley. From the Chicago Booth Initiative on Global Markets.

New York Times. Full-text coverage of the New York Times. For Historical issues see Historical Newspapers (ProQuest).

New York Times (Student Access).UCB students get a free subscription while enrolled. Please read the "more" link for account set up instructions.

Nexis Uni. Business, current affairs, legal information, medical information and news from newspapers, journals, transcripts, and other documents.

Project Syndicate. Commentaries on economics, politics, development, sustainability and innovation from political leaders, policymakers, scholars, business leaders, and civic activists worldwide.

Proquest International Newstream.  News articles worldwide, plus reports from media monitoring organizations which include broadcast and wire services. Content is in ASCII format.

Proquest Newspapers. Includes New York Times (Historical with Index + 1980-current). Los Angeles Times (Historical + 1985-current). Wall Street Journal (Historical + 1984-current). Chicago Tribune (1849 - current), and The Washington Post (1877 -current).

Wall Street Journal.  Via Proquest, also available via Factiva. For historical issues (from 1889) see Historical Newspapers (ProQuest).

Wall Street Journal (Student Faculty & Staff Access). UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff can obtain a subscription. Please read the more link for account set up instructions.

Economics Blogs

Angry Bear. "Slightly left of center" economic and financial commentary on news, politics, and economics.

Calculated Risk. Top ranked economics and finance blog with a focus on the housing market.

Conversable Economist. From Timothy Taylor, manaing editor of the Journal of Economic Perspectives

Econbrowser. Respected blog by Menzie ChinnChinn, professor at the University of Wisconsin and James Hamilton, UC San Diego.

Econ Journal Watch. Watch for inappropriate assumptions, weak chains of argument, phony claims of relevance, omissions of pertinent truths, and irreplicability.

Economist's View.  By Mark Thoma at the Department of Economics, University of Oregon.

Freakonomics. Entertaining blog founded by economist Steven Levitt (University of Chicago) and journalist Stephen J. Dubner, authors of Freakonomics.

Grasping Reality. Entertaining and informative blog on economics, politics and history by UC Berkeley's Brad Delong. 

Greg Mankiw. "Random Observations for Students of Economics" from an economist at Harvard and author of leading economics textbooks.

Economist's View. By Mark Thoma, University of Oregon.

Mish Talk. By Mike "Mish" Shedlock, an investment advisor at Sitka Pacific Capital.

Paul Krugman at Princeton University, for the New York Times (paywalled).

Robert Reich. Well written and thoughtful blog by Robert Reich at the UCB School of Public Policy.

Vox. Research-based policy analysis portal and commentary set up by the Centre for Economic Policy Research.