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Economics: Law

Databases and Search Engines

CISG Database. Database on the 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) maintained by the Institute of International Commercial Law, Pace University Law School.

Competition Policy International. CPI provides news and commentary on competition and antitrust issues around the world. Also provides access to CPI Journal and Antitrust Chronicle.

Economic Analysis of the Law.  Provides assistance to law and economics scholars bringing their scholarship to a wider audience, including policy makers, legislators and judges. 

Econlit. Most comprehensive database to scholarly journal articles in economics. Also lists books and dissertations, and articles within collective works.

IBFD (International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation). Comprehensive collection of world-wide taxation laws and information. To access, select "IBFD Tax Portal."

IDEAS. Free database on economics with full-text working papers, books, book chapters, and articles from peer-reviewed journals.

Investment Claims.  Database of awards, treaties, and commentaries related to international investment and arbitration. Also contains national arbitration laws in English.

Investor- State LawGuide.Tools for researching international investment law. Includes publicly available decisions and awards. NAFTA and ICSID awards and decisions are the most complete.  Click "Member Login" at the top of the page. Covers international commercial arbitration, including conventions, national legislation and case law, commentary, and information on bilateral investment treaties.

Law & Economics: Findlaw. Free online guide to journals, associations, blogs, and more.

OmniTax. Provides access to U.S. Federal and state tax information. Click on the Federal Tax tab to use the Standard Federal Tax Reporter, Internal Revenue Code, Treasury Regulations, Revenue Rulings, and all court cases Detailed summaries and commentaries on WTO Panel and Appellate Body Reports. 

World Trade Online.Access to the latest in trade news. Each day's complete issue of Inside U.S. Trade, plus retrospective coverage.


American Law and Economics Association. Leading American association in this field, publisher of the& The American Law and Economics Review.

Canadian Law & Economics Association.Academic conference held annually each autumn at the University of Toronto Faculty of Law bringing together scholars who research in law, economics, or the intersection of the two. 

European Association of Law and Economics. Institutional response to the increasing importance of the economic analysis of law in Europe.

Intellectual Property Watch (IP Watch).Intellectual Property Watch is a non-profit, independent news service which reports on the interests and behind-the-scenes dynamics that influence the design and implementation of international intellectual property policies.

Selected Data Sources

American Community Survey. Provides ongoing data to assist communities in planning for development.  Data is gathered on topics include age, sex, income, health insurance, veteran status and disabilities. Microdata is available via IPUMS USA.

Bank for International Settlements. International organization which fosters international monetary and financial cooperation. Its website has statistics on the global financial system.

European Central Bank. The central bank for Europe's single currency, the Euro.  This website contains statistics on inflation, GDP, the unemployment rate and labor productivity, amongst other topics.

FedStats. Many sources of government statistics.  Searches can be done by topic, geographic area or agency. 

FDIC Statistics on Banking.  Bankruptcy Research Database: data on all large, public bankruptcy actions filed in the United States Bankruptcy Courts since 1979.

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED). Portal for U.S. economic time series data from the St. Louis Federal Reserve. See also Fraser,  scanned images of U.S. historical economic statistical publications and other documents.

Historical Statisics of the United States. Collects U.S historical statistics from over 1000 sources. 

International Courts Data. Collection of datasets related to the empirical study of international courts and tribunals. Includes data on compliance, judicial dissents, information on judges, caselaw citations, sentencing, and more.

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). Data archive which hosts data on 16 different topics such as crime, education, aging and substance abuse.

Macro Data Guide.  Amazing guide on internationa macro data.  The Law Crime and Legal Systems section includes sections on the following:

Stanford Securities Class Action Clearinghouse. Provides detailed information relating to the prosecution, defense, and settlement of federal class action securities fraud litiation. 

U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. Produces national economic data, regional and industry-specific data as well as international data.

World Federation of Exchanges. Trade association of 54 publicaly regulated stock, futures and options exchanges.  Contains monthly, annual and time series data.