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Economics: Intro

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Catalogs and Search Engines

UC Library Search. Books, e-books, journal articles and other content in one library platform for the entire UC System. Does not include content from some databases, numeric data, and other content. 

Google Scholar. Functions as a key word database for articles and books. On campus it automatically connects to licensed content held by the UC libraries.

Google Books. Search the text of the books, view previews from books still in copyright, and read the full text of out-of-copyright books. 

Background Sources

Annual Review of Economics. Reviews of the literature in economics for the year. See also the Annual Review of Financial Economics for reviews of the literature in finance.

Handbooks in Economics. (Elsevier). Cover development economics, econometrics, finance, game theory, industrial organization, labor, etc.

Journal of Economic Literature. From the American Economic Association, designed to help researchers keep track of the flow of economic literature. Contains many review articles.

Oxford Handbooks in Economics. Background articles in an exhaustive range of economics disciplines: browse or search in the social sciences section.

New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics. Encyclopedia of economics providing a current overview of economics as well as classic essays.

Key Economic Data Portals

CEIC Global. Detailed macroeconomic and financial data for countries worldwide.

Sage Data. Easy access to US and international economic, social, and political indicators.

FRED (Federal Reserve Economic Data). Economic data from the Federal Reserve Bank.

Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS). Extensive collection of microdata for the United States and other nations.

EIU Viewpoint. Forecasts and data at the global and country level in the areas of business and politics, markets, industries, policy, and economic indicators.

Social Explorer. Current and historical United States census data in a user-friendly interface.

Statista. Facts and publications on media, business, politics, and other areas.

Wharton Research Data Services. Financial and economic data from The Wharton School at UPenn. Current Berkeley students, staff, and faculty may request an account using a Berkeley email address.

Other Guides

Resources for Economists on the Internet. Multiple categories of information of interest to economists and those interested in economics.

MIT Libraries Financials. Well organized and useful guide to financial data. See also their Business Guides.

Pliny Fisk Library of Economics and Finance. Extremely useful guide from Princeton University in Economics and Finance.