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Anthropology Research Guide: Quick Start!

Useful for UC Berkeley's Anthropology 2AC Class

Quick Links

Don't have much time and need to get started quickly?

1. Search our library catalog to find books, ebooks, CDs, DVDs, and maps owned by the UC Berkeley Library.

2. Search Anthropology Plus and Academic Search Complete for relevant articles, or search 32 key anthropology journals at AnthroSource.

3. To find more sources, try a search for your topic + "ethnographic" or "archaeology" or "fieldwork" on Google Scholar, then find full access for those items on our library website.

4. Come visit the Anthropology Library to browse our collection, or email the librarian to set up a time to talk about your research!

Purchase Recommendation

Do you need books for your research? Use the Purchase Recommendation form to submit your suggestion.

You can also find our guide for instructors in anthropology here.

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