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Need a book from the UC Berkeley Library during the shelter-in-place order? Check here first.

Anthropology Research Guide: eBooks

Get eBooks!

Ebooks are easier to get from off-campus than print. Email the librarian to request a digital copy of a print book.

ProquestEBSCO, and Taylor & Francis ebooks can be downloaded for short-term loan; if we can get the license, sometimes you can download to read permanently.  

Project Muse, JSTOR (anthropology, archaeology), and Cambridge ebooks can be downloaded by chapter and used long-term.

Springer and Science Direct ebooks can be downloaded as whole books and used long-term.

UC Press and ACLS Humanities ebooks are for online reading only.

HathiTrust UCB access only has scans of older books you can read online for an hour at a time. 

Open Library Free or open access has scans of older books you can borrow for 14 days at a time. 

For more, see the library's general guide to ebooks here

Use #subjects to find books

When you look at a book's record in our catalog, you'll see #subjects listed. It's like a hashtag (without the hashtag), and describes some of the main topics of the book:

Subjects and keywords are different. A keyword searches across titles, authors, subjects, and descriptions. Subjects are more specific, and only search the #topic section. But they're useful because they link you to other books on a similar topic!

Try it! Click the catalog links to see books on these subjects:

(I'm citing my sources here: these tips on finding books are from Colorado librarian Juliann Couture).

Get Books

Search our library catalog to find e/books purchased by the UC Berkeley Library.

To narrow your focus in general databases, search for ethnog* to get books marked as "ethnography" or "ethnographic" (try also anthropol*archaeol*, or ethnol*). Japan tourism gender ethnog* will return a much smaller set of books.


**Note that delivery of print books to UC's campuses are limited while the state is under a coronavirus shutdown. [Search all 10 UC campuses and "Request" to have a book delivered here. Use a proxy login if off-campus. Search WorldCat for books on your topic around the world, especially if doing a major literature review.]

How to actually find books on the shelf

Our books are organized by the Library of Congress system. When you find a good one in the catalog, write down its call number:

GN308.3.R8 E47 2014

Our books are in alphabetical order (so CC is before CD is before GN) and then organized by number (31 is before 308). Some major sections in anthropology include:

  • CC   Archaeology
  • GN   Anthropology
  • GN 49-298   Physical Anthropology
  • GR   Folklore
  • QM   Human Anatomy
  • QP    Human Physiology
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