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Anthropology Research Guide: Get Books

Get Books

Search our library catalog to find books and ebooks purchased by the UC Berkeley Library.

Search all 10 UC campuses and "Request" to have a book delivered here. Use a proxy login if off-campus.

Search WorldCat for books on your topic around the world, especially if doing a major literature review.

View our new books online or on the new books shelves of the Anthropology Library.

Finding Books on the Shelf

We use the Library of Congress system to shelve books by topic. When you find a book in the catalog, check which library it's in and write down its call number:

GN308.3.R8 E47 2014

Books are shelved in alphabetical order (CC books before GN books), and then in numeric order (31 before 308). Anthropology is diverse, and so we have several main groupings:

Call Number Subject
CC Archaeology
GN Anthropology
GN 49-298 Physical Anthropology
GN 301-647 Cultural Anthropology
GN 700-890 Prehistoric Anthropology
GR Folklore
GT Manners and Customs
HM Sociology
QM Human Anatomy
QP Human Physiology

Get eBooks!

The library has purchased access to over 15,000 ebooks in anthropology and archeology for your use. Nearly all are subscription-based UCB access only and require you to be on campus / to login to your CalNet account to access:

Proquest and EBSCO ebooks can be read online, or download for 1-14 day loans. (You can permanently save some unrestricted books depending on the publisher's agreement).

Project Muse and JSTOR (anthropology, archaeology) ebooks slant to the humanities; download and save chapters to read later.

Springer and Science Direct ebooks tend towards the sciences, and can often be downloaded and saved permanently.

Taylor & Francis ebooks are a mix of lending and permanent downloads.

UC Press and ACLS Humanities ebooks allow online reading only.

Proquest Dissertations and Theses is a good place to find detailed research not yet published as a book.

Google Books Free or open access and HathiTrust UCB access only have digitized thousands of Berkeley books, which you can download if not in copyright.

(Try searching for ethnog* for books marked as "ethnography" or "ethnographic". anthropol*, archaeol*, or ethnol* will also show useful books. Japan tourism gender ethnog* will return a much smaller set of books).

Using "subject headings" to find books

Every book in our catalog has several "subject" headings which describe its main topic. Samples:

Subjects and keywords are different. Search by "keyword" to find matching words in any title, author, subject, or book description. Search by "subject" to find books cataloged in a specific area--then click on the subject link to find similar books!

Try it! Click the catalog links to see books on these subjects:

Always cite your sources! These tips on finding anthropology books come from librarian Julianne Couture at UC Boulder.

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