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Anthropology Research Guide: Data, Films

Data in Anthropology

Statistics are summaries of numeric data related to the people, cultures, or places under study:

  • Statista UCB access only has statistics on many topics in many countries. A good place to start.
  • Statistical Abstracts UCB access only has health, population, and culture stats for some countries.
  • Data Planet UCB access only has statistics from this US, or "browse by source" to find international data.
  • World Development Indicators Free or open access has population, birth and death, and fertility statistics for 207 countries.

Social surveys present public opinion on social values, often over time, and can often be analyzed online.

Quantitative data may require statistical analysis to be usable. Contact the Library's Data Lab for more help.

On Primary Sources in Anthropology

Anthropological Fieldwork Online UCB access only

This database lets you view the original ethnographic fieldnotes of Victor Turner, Bronislaw Malinowski, Max Gluckman, and Ruth Benedict. 

California Anthropology

View thousands of ethnographic photos, letters, and oral histories from California online at Calisphere, or search the OAC for finding aids to print materials in the Bancroft and other regional archives. The Hearst Museum also holds site reports from California Archeological Surveys (UCAS) and the Archeological Research Facility.

The Ethnological Documents from Berkeley's anthropology department include fieldnotes on California Indian languages. View in person at the Bancroft, and see also the finding aid for department records in the university archives.

Videos and Images in Anthropology

Ethnographic Video Online UCB access only lets you view 2,000 ethnographic videos and make playlists or clips for presentations and teaching.

Kanopy UCB access only also has extensive anthropology videos. Sign up for Berkeley / San Francisco public library cards for more views per month.

EVIA Free or open access hosts ethnographic videos for instruction and research. Create a login while on campus.

Ethnographic Sound Archives Online UCB access only includes fieldnotes and audio recordings of global music.

ArtSTOR UCB access only includes photos of cultural heritage objects and ethnographic photos.