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You can still access the UC Berkeley Library’s services and resources during the closure. Here’s how.

Anthropology Research Guide: Medical Anthropology

Books in medical anthropology

Search our book catalog, Oskicat, to find words in a book's title, author, and table of contents. For instance:

medical anthropology and post-soviet

If you want ebooks, narrow your location to "Available Online," on the right: 

Sometimes a book's title and table of contents won't have the words "medical anthropology." To find these books, you'll need to search by subject, which librarians have cataloged for you. Try these subjects:

And, if you'd like to explore books on the shelves at the anthropology library, follow the alphabet to these sections:

  • GN 49 - GN 298    Physical Anthropology
  • GN 301 - GN 674 Ethnology. Social and Cultural Anthropology
  • RA 418                 Medicine and society. Social medicine. Medical sociology
  • RA 601 - RA 700  Various public health, rural health, mental health subjects


Reference Soures

Use reference books to get an overview of a topic. These are online:

And come to the Anthropology Library to see this one in print:

Articles on medical anthropology

In addition to the standard Anthropology Plus and AnthroSource databases, try searching PubMed Free or open access.