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Anthropology Research Guide: Quick Start!

Quick Links

Don't have much time and need to get started quickly?

1. Search our library catalog to find books, ebooks, and DVDs in the library.

2. Search Anthropology Plus or AnthroSource for articles and book reviews.

3. Search Web of Science and Scopus to find book chapters, esp. in archeology and biological anthropology.

4. Search for your topic + "ethnographic" or "archeology" or "fieldwork" on Google Scholar.

5. If you find a key article, type the title on Google Scholar and click "cited by" to see who else is using that work.

6. Come visit the Anthropology Library to study, or email the librarian to talk about your research!

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Use the Purchase Recommendation form to request that we buy books or ebooks.

If you're a GSI, read our guide for instructors here.

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