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You can still access the UC Berkeley Library’s services and resources during the closure. Here’s how.

Anthropology Research Guide: Quick Start!

We're here for you during the campus closure!

While campus is restricted, the library is still open online! Please use our remote resourcesrequest ebookschat with a librarian, or email for research help

Tips on finding ebooks while campus is closed

We can't lend or receive print books while the state is shut down for the pandemic. Instead: 

1. Search our library catalog or homepage to find ebooks.

2. Search HathiTrust [login and deselect 'full view only'] for temporary access to scans of older books. 

3. Search Google Scholar to see if the researcher shared a PDF of their book online. 

4. Email your librarian to see if we can buy an ebook; you should get access within a week. 

5. If no ebook exists, try our tips for inaccessible articles. Contact the author, your scholarly peers, or use #icanhazpdf to request help on twitter.

Tips for finding specific articles online

1. Use our library VPN to read articles from off-campus.  

2. Search for an article title, in quotes, on our library homepage:

  • If you see the PDF, download it.
  • If you see , click to see where else we might have it. 

3. Search for the title, in quotes, on Google Scholar, and download PDFs posted online.

4. Request digital articles from Interlibrary Loan, and we'll try to get them from another library.

5. Contact your librarian for more help! 

Ways to start anthropology research in the library

1. Find books and ebooks in our catalog.

2. Find anthropology articles in Anthropology Plus and AnthroSource.

3. Find related articles and book chapters in Web of Science and Scopus.

4. Search your topic + ethnographic or fieldwork in Google Scholar. (If you find something good, click "cited by" to see others writing on similar topics).

5. Read older books online at HathiTrust (login and deselect 'full view only').

6. Email your librarian for help finding sources on your research topic!

Guides for specific anthropology courses

(If you're an instructor, you can request that we add a guide for your class. More info here.)

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