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Anthropology Research Guide: Archaeology

Tips for Finding Archaeology Books

Search our book catalog for site reports and books.

  • For site reports, try excavations archaeology northern california
  • For ancient artifacts, try Easter Island and antiquities.
  • For ancient civilizations, try prehistoric peoples and Inca.
  • For specific sites, use the site name (Lascaux; Qustul; Tikal; Çatalhöyük)
  • For broad topics, try ancient and weapons, or prehistoric and agriculture, Turkey and Neolithic, Scythian burials.

Other useful subject terms are: Archaeological Dating, Archaeology Field work, Animal Remains (archaeology) and Plant Remains (archaeology).

Public Websites in Archaeology

NAGPRA has reports and policies on Native American remains.

National Archaeology Database has archaeological investigations from the Parks Service; the BLM Land Patents Database may also be helpful.

The Breaking Ground Database covers women in old world archaeology.

How to Find Site Reports

When looking for site reports for Anthropology 2AC, check eScholarship and AnthroHub for PDF site reports by Berkeley scholars, and our book catalog for printed reports. Some site reports are also on course reserve for 2AC; ask at the anthropology circulation desk. When searching online, try using words like excavation, site report, archaeology, + your topic or the site name.

Databases in Archaeology

For articles, book chapters, and conference papers, start by searching:

From there, go on to:

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