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Anthropology Research Guide: Anth 3AC

Many Paths

Your course assignment requires you to think about an immigration narrative by

  1. documenting the historical conditions of at least two sets of push and pull factors (i.e. political, economic, and social conditions) and
  2. analyzing those factors in terms of how immigration either reproduced or challenged class, gender, and/or racial structures.

The Library subscribes to hundreds of databases including in Anthropology, as History and Political Science. You'll need 3-6 sources besides class readings; wikipedia does not count and only one newspaper or popular magazine article can be cited.

Some Resources

Find Books

Use our catalog to find books at Berkeley. When you look at the book, check out the Subject Heading in its online record, which will link you to related books. For example, you can search for the subject "Emigration and Immigration" + country name, as in:

Mexico -- Emigration and immigration.

Cambodia -- Emigration and immigration