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Anthropology Research Guide: Anth R5B

Tips for Using the Anthropology Library

Nothing's working?
  • When you're off campus, show that you're a Cal student using your Cal ID and password, or with a VPN. Full instructions are here


  • Search our catalog (select show only: "available online" and resource type: "books" on the left) to find ebooks all in one place. 
  • Search specific ebook sites for more detail or full-text searching.
  • Use our help page if you're having trouble.
  • Email Celia to ask that we buy an ebook. 


  • Anthropology Plus and AnthroSource are a good place to start.
  • Once you know the useful journals, keywords, or articles in your field, you can use Google Scholar to find ‘cited by’ articles.
  • See our articles page if you need more places to search.  


News and Film
  • Nexis Uni lets you search many newspapers at once, and download the articles to anaylze and cite.
  • Kanopy has ethnographic, art, and contemporary films. 


  • Contact a librarian for chat, email, or video help. 
  • Don't procrastinate, as you'll want plenty of time later for reading and writing!