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Anthropology Research Guide: Get Articles

Useful for UC Berkeley's Anthropology 2AC Class

Where to Search for Articles in Anthropology

Try Anthropology Plus for a general search in anthropology, and AnthroSource for 32 journals in anthropology.

Use PubMed is useful for biological and medical anthropology.

For more general searches, Academic Search Complete is a great start. Project MUSE and JSTOR both have useful articles and PDF ebooks.

See also the full list of:

  1.  Berkeley's anthropology databases
  2.  Berkeley's archaeology databases
  3.  Berkeley's medical anthropology databases

Pro tip! When you find a good article, click UC e-links to get the online PDF. If Berkeley doesn't have that journal, use "interlibrary loan" to request that we buy it from another library.

Also! If you find a great article, find its references in our Citation Linker... or search for the title in Google Scholar Free or open access and click "cited by" to see newer articles that build on the one you found!

Google Scholar and UC e-links

  1. Set up your proxy server access by following the directions at When you get to a point where you are accessing resources that the Library pays for, you will be prompted for your CalNet ID and password.
  2. Change your “Scholar Preferences.” Access these by clicking on the link next to the search box. 
  3. In search box next to "Library Links," type in University of California Berkeley and click on “Find Library”
  4. Check box next to "University of California Berkeley - UC-eLinks
  5. Click on "Save Preferences" at bottom of page

Particularly useful journals

Abstracts in Anthropology UCB access only gives a short summary of a recent article. Use it to keep in touch with the field.

Annual Review of Anthropology UCB access only has articles that summarize the current literature on a topic like cognitive anthropology, the anthropology of money, or social networks. Start here before your literature review to get context on your topic and useful articles to cite.

Reviews in Anthropology UCB access only discuss a particular theme ("human-dog relationships") by comparing several recently published books at once.


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