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Earth Sciences & Map Library Exhibits: Earthquakes

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Exhibit Location and Dates

Image of seismogram with the title Earthquakes.


The Earthquakes exhibit highlights books and maps that provide insight on the history, location, and consequences of earthquakes. 

Location: Earth Sciences and Map Library (50 McCone)

Reading Room

Dates: Fall Semester 2017

Curated by: Erica Newcome


Books and Maps


What is an earthquake?

An earthquake is the sudden movement of the Earth caused by the abrupt release of accumulated strain along a fault in the interior. The released energy passes through the Earth as seismic waves (low-frequency sound waves), which cause the shaking. Seismic waves continue to travel through the Earth after the fault motion has stopped. Recordings of earthquakes, called seismograms, illustrate that such motion is recorded all over the Earth for hours, and even days, after an earthquake. Earthquakes are one of the most destructive natural phenomena and occur with very little warning.

Scholz, Christopher H. and Shedlock, Kaye M. (2017). Earthquake. In  Access ScienceMcGraw-Hill Education.


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