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Earth Sciences and Map Library Exhibits: GIS

New exhibits every semester.

Exhibit Location and Dates


Location: Earth Sciences and Map Library (50 McCone)

Reading Room

Dates: Summer Semester 2018

Curated by: Erica Newcome


A geographic information system (GIS) is a system for the management, analysis, and display of geographic information. Geographic information is represented by a series of geographic datasets that model geography using simple, generic data structures. GIS is used to identify problems, monitor change, manage and respond to events, perform forecasting, set priorities, and understand trends. It is becoming more essential in various jobs in the government, industry, and academia sector. 

This exhibit highlights recently acquired books at the Earth Sciences and Map library focused on GIS. There are many other useful books and online resources available at the Earth Sciences and Map library that students can access through the library website.

Please come by and check out the GIS exhibit and feel free to search for more of the numerous GIS resources at the library!

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