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Earth Sciences and Map Library Exhibits: Famous Cartographers

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Famous Cartographers Throughout the Ages


Famous Cartographers Throughout the Ages

Location: Earth Sciences and Map Library (50 McCone)

Reading Room

Dates: Fall Semester 2018

Curated by: Erica Newcome

The history of cartography dates back 14,000 years ago when the earliest maps were created. Cartography has grown in value with the use of the Internet, World Wide Web, and Global Navigation Satellite Systems and with all of the current advances in technology it continues to be an important field. Throughout history there have been cartographers all over that have created maps which influenced society and the future of cartography. This exhibit displays books, atlases, and maps either by or about notable cartographers that created maps which had a significant effect on the field of cartography and the world.

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Some of the Cartographers mentioned in this LibGuide:

Muhammad al-Idrisi
Joan Blaeu 
Grafton Tyler Brown
Nicolas de Fer
Paul J. Goode
Diego Gutierrez
Tom Harrison
Fra Mauro
Gerardus Mercator
Abraham Ortelius
Phyllis Persall
Arno Peters
Gretchen N. Peterson​
​Claudius Ptolemy
Inō Tadataka
Marie Tharp
Philip Turnor
Juan Jose Valdes
Martin Waldseemüller

Books, Atlases, and Maps on Exhibit

Books and Maps

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