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International Government Data & Statistics: Children & Families

Data and Statistics

Child Labour Statistics.  From the International Labour Organization.  Statistical reports in text from ILO Child Labour surveys.  

Demographic & Health Surveys.  Provides reports and data from surveys in developing countries on population, health, HIV, and nutrition. (Free registration). 

IPUMS International. International census microdata from countries worldwide with many indicators relating to children and families (education, health, and demographic variables).

OECD iLIbrary.  Wide range of indicators on child health and social conditions in OECD countries across multiple databases.  

Population Services International Dataverse.  Global health organization dedicated to improving the health of people in the developing world by focusing challenges like a lack of family planning, HIV/AIDS, maternal health, and threats to children under five.

UNICEF: Monitoring the Situation of Children and Women.  Data from The State of the World's Children with indicators on child survival, health, nutrition, maternal health, water, sanitation, education, child protection, HIV/AIDS, and more.

UNICEF Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICs).  Survey data on the well-being of children and women across countries. Registration required: data not available for all countries listed.

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