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International Government Data & Statistics: Urban & Housing

Data & Statistics

Bank of International Settlements Residential Property Statistics. Nominal residential property prices for 58 countries over time.

Global City Indicators Facility.  City indicators with a globally standardized methodology that allows for global comparability of city performance. Reports link out to foreign municipal government sites.

IPUMS International. From the Minnesota Population Center. Census microdata coded and documented across countries and over time to facilitate comparative research.

OECD iLibrary:  Regions and Cities. Demographic, economic, environmental and labor data for hundreds of regions and cities worldwide. 

Urban Development Data. From the World Bank. Water, sanitation, motor vehicles, urban poverty, and fuel prices for cities worldwide.

World Council on City Data Open Data Portal. Current data for selected cities for many indicators: economy, energy, education, finance, emergency response, health, recreation, safety and more.

UN Habitat Urban Indicators. Urbanization and slum indicators from countries around the world, from the United Nations Human Settlements programme.

UN Habitat Urban Data Portal. Data on countries and cities for slum dwellers, street conditions, prosperity, urban transportation, crime, and "resilience" (e.g loss of life to droughts, floods and earthquakes).

United Nations World Urbanization Prospects. Historical demographic data and projections for cities and urban agglomerations worldwide.

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