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International Government Data & Statistics: Food

Data and Statistics

Agricultural Market Access Database. Agricultural Tariff Data from the OECD by country.

Aquastat. Data on water resources, water use and agricultural water management worldwide, from the FAO.  

Country Pasture Profiles. Basic information about the pasture and forage resources of countries worldwide from FAO.

Eurostat. Agricultural, fisheries, & food and forestry data from the European Union. 

Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAOStat).  Comprehensive database on food and agriculture and related areas with data on forestry, prices, inputs, production, trade, food security, and more.  Sample areas include:

FAS online: Foreign Agricultural Service (US Dept. of Agriculture) US trade data by partner countries including world commodity surveys. 

Food Security Portal. Indicators on food security, commodity prices, economics, and human well-being. Much of the data is available for every country for over 50 years.

International Food Policy Research Center Dataverse. Financial, human, and institutional data relating to agricultural research and development at the country level.

OECD iLIbrary. Data sets on agricultural policies in emerging economies, and agricultural outlook forecasts for OECD countries as well as other agricultural and economic data.

UNCTADStat Long Term Commodity Price Trends.  Commodity Index Prices over time at the global level.

UN Comtrade. Commodity trade data from 130 countries, detailed by commodity and partner country. 

World Agroforestry Center Dataverse. Large collection of survey data on a range of forestry studies at the country level. 

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