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Welcome to the American History Guide. This guide provides links to the most useful databases and resources for researching US history. Use the tabs to navigate through the pages of this guide.


General history databases, resources, instructions for finding primary sources, and help on citation can be found on the History Guide.

Articles - find articles on US history
Books - find books on US history
Encyclopedias - background sources
Bibliographies - books and online sources that list resources on a particular topic
Primary Sources: All Centuries - sources that cover more than one century
Primary Sources: 17th & 18th c. - includes colonial and Revolution
Primary Sources: 19th c. - includes slavery & Civil War
Primary Sources: 20th c - includes World War I, World War II & Vietnam
Primary Sources by Region - additional sources by state
Newspapers - online sources & instructions for locating microfilm
Bancroft Library - Bancroft's Western Americana collection


[Please note this guide is under construction.]

Image credit: "USA orthographic" by Addicted04 - Own work with Natural Earth DataThis vector image was created with Inkscape. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

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Many thanks to Theresa Mudrock, from whom I borrowed the organizational structure (and some content) for this guide.

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